Cheap Restaurants in Cuba

At most restaurant in Cuba you can get meals off the oferta menu for very cheap. These are authentic Cuban dishes ofered on special, usually in a table d’hote style. You can get a full meal as well as a dessert and a drink.

This is what a standard Cuban oferta basically looks like. It’s got a good serving of pork, with rice and bean and a bit of yuca or potato. Feeling hungry? Well, it only costs a couple of CUC, so it’s really cheap.

Cheapest Restaurants in Vedado

Want to learn about dozens of fantastic and affordable restaurants in Vedado? I list and review dozens of state run restaurants in Vedado, where you can get a complete, traditional Cuban meal for only about 3$. Check out all the most affordable Vedado restaurants in the best Havana travel guide, Real Havana!

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