The Best Quick Meals in Cuba

Well, the old Cuban story goes that the boxes started when a man was going to host a birthday party for his young son, but was worried that there was not enough food for all the guests. Rather than simply setting up a table and letting each guest take as much as they wanted, the man decided to portion all the food out equally, in little boxes. When the guests arrived, they each took a meal box, and sat down at he table to eat.

Food Boxes (cajitas) Are Traditional Cuban Meals, In A box!

And, from that one simply act, a food box craze was started. Now the boxes, named cajitas, are sold everywhere throughout Cuba, and are considered the normal way of eating fast food on the go. Most boxes sold at state stores or private paladares  have similar food items. A portion of pork, rice (congri), yucca, and maybe a small cucumber salad. Most boxes sell for about 24 pesos (MN)… so about 1 US dollar. Not bad, for a full meal!

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