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    Hi I just found this blog so sorry if i am repeating questions. I have looked at many organised tours and i am not against the idea of doing one except i dont like sitting in a bus for hours travelling.

    The most interesting to us is seeing architecture and culture. Of course the music. We are mature aged. We have always done our own organisation but its getting tiring arguing and trying to find things when you arrive, so i would like to be a bit organised this time.

    The 2 places that appeal are of course Trinidad and Havana.  we dont have  a tick off list of must sees stuff. We just want time to mix with locals and chill out. It would be nice to spend a few days at the beach too as i heard they are wonderful. We are thinking 7 to 10 days might be a good time.

    Could zou give us some suggestions. We would like to prebook Havana.  Also we are Australians, but we are in New York on the date we will go to Cuba , its end of October. It seems a bit tricky getting a U:S flight to Cuba. Any ideas welcome. Thanking You Annemarie

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    Hi, the best thing about Cuba is that your money goes a long way. Not as far as it used to but still much further than in almost any other country.

    My best advice is take it very casual. Cuba is not the kind of place where you have to plan your trip way ahead of time or in detail. If you do plan, there is a good chance that the nice plans you make will come undone on the first days anyway, so don’t plan much. Book a place to stay while in Havana. Maybe book a place in Trinidad too, but as far as making detailed plans of things to see and all that, keep it casual. Make a list of 20 things and be happy if you see 10 in detail. Don’t rush around. In Cuba if you are on a tight schedule it will be hell.

    I have a list of rental apartments in Havana. All the rental properties are good. We can help you book any place you like: http://bestcubaguide.com/casas-particulares-in-el-vedado-havana-cuba/

    Here is a list of properties in Trinidad: http://bestcubaguide.com/casas-particulares-in-trinidad-cuba/

    Here is a pretty good guide to Trinidad. It has many things to see and do: http://bestcubaguide.com/trinidad-cuba-free-online-guidebook/

    Here is an article on how to get from Havana to Trinidad. If you are not on a tight budget, I would choose the taxi option as it is fastest and most comfortable. The bust take long and you end up wasting a day. http://bestcubaguide.com/going-from-havana-to-trinidad-a-great-adventure-excursion/

    Here are some guides to the neighborhoods in Havana. You can check them all out: http://bestcubaguide.com/free-havana-neighborhood-guides/

    For Havana, the most fun things to do are walking around the city and meeting locals. Once you arrive in the city, just walk everywhere, explore. Eat at restaurants and drink at bars or cafes. Some are good. Some will be bad; it’s all part of the experience. In Old Havana there are a dozen museums per block. You don’t need a guide or a plan. Just wander around and check out the ones that interest you. There will be a thousand other tourists around so you will never feel alone. If you run out of idea, I posted some fun things here: http://bestcubaguide.com/top-10-best-things-to-do-in-havana/

    Old Havana is only about 1km square and you can see it all in a day. But spend more time and walk around and you will have more fun.

    For Trinidad, the main town is tiny too. You just walk around and you can see everything in a day. The beach is close (Playa Ancon) You can take a taxi there for about 15$. Spend the day and enjoy the calm area. Taxis are cheap in Cuba and your really should use them. Tourism is the main economy of the island and taxis are the best way for locals to make money. Trinidad has many nice sights to see around the town. Any taxi driver will take you around to 3 or 4 place for like 20$. You organize this when you arrive in Trinidad, not before.  Just get there and ask any driver to take you on a tour and negotiate the price and go. It’s very easy and there are a thousand desperate drivers hanging around all over town.

    As for getting to Cuba from New York, JetBlue has daily flights. It’s super easy. Just book a flight like any other flight. Check on Google Flights for your dates and just book. https://www.google.com/flights/

    The regulations to get to Cuba from the USA will apply to you but do not worry about them. You will need a tourist visa which your air carrier will provide (you buy it at the airport before your flight) and then you will be asked to fill out a form stating why you are going to Cuba. Just check off the category “support of the Cuban people” and you are all set to go. You don’t need to keep track of your trip or do anything else. The USA government does not care and the Cuban government only wants your tourist dollars. Just enjoy your trip!

    If you have more questions, just ask me,




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