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    I couldnt find this anywhere in your guide and I am getting conflicting information on the internet.  Will i need to get a plug adapter or will i need to purchase a volt converter as well to plug in cell phones or small electronics. I not sure if my wife is bringing a hair dryer, curlers and whatnot

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    Hi James,

    The vast majority (99%) of the outlets in Cuba are standard 2 prong outlets like you will find in north america. Here is a photo.

    In older casas and hotels, they will be ungrounded (2 slot plugs).

    In newer casas and hotels they will be grounded (the extra hole below the slots).

    Usually casas have a mix of ungrounded and grounded. So, if you have a computer you can almost always find a place to plug it in. (Most computer power cords have the third hole and will not fit into ungrounded plugs.

    Anyway, the plugs are almost always not an issue if you come from North America.

    The power in Cuba is sometimes 110v and sometimes 220v. Usually in rental casas it is 110v. Some special outlets, usually located near the air conditioner units are 220v and these will almost always be marked with a red marker beside the outlet – stating 220v

    In USA it is usually 110v.

    Either way, for most modern electronics it is usually not a problem. Cell phones and computer cords and other electronics can automatically use 220 or 110. Just look on the plugs. You will almost always notice a tiny sticker that says 100-240v (or something similar). This means that the device can use any voltage within this range. It automatically takes whatever voltage… you dont need to do anything.

    Some blow dryers have a little switch on the handle to go from 110 to 220v. For curling irons, just check on the side to see which voltage they use.

    As I said, most casas have 110v. Large hotels use 220v, but again, modern electronic charging cables can take it automatically.

    I would not purchase a voltage converter. I’ve never once needed one and I’ve brought blow dryers, televisions, cell phones, computers, blenders, toasters, etc. I never had a single problem.

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