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    Hi. I briefly perused your book and I would like some advice from you. We are planning of visiting Havana (and Trinidad, perhaps) for 7-8 days, starting Dec 14,2017 or thereabout.  We are 3 adults, one couple and a friend. The plan is to arrive in Havana, staying there most of the time, going to Trinidad for the last two nights, leaving from there for Santa Clara early the last day, and departing from there (back to Toronto, Canada) late the same day. How is this schedule? Is it tight? Is it worth visiting Trinidad? The friend will be visiting from Europe and, most likely, it is her only chance to see as much of Cuba as possible; beaches are of no particular interest.

    I have already contacted 3-4 (Havana) CPs through your site, but as I just did that, I do not expect to get any response for a while. Any recommendation for a good 2-bedroom, private CP in Havana(Vedado) and Trinidad?

    Any other information or help will be most welcome.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Nicholas,

    I did a quick search through our emails and I see that you are already in contact with Claudia regarding the casa booking. Both casas that she told you were available are great casas. Sky Views is a cool place because you are on the 18th floor and the view is amazing. Alejandro and Sandra is a beautiful and spacious place but on the ground level. It really depends on what kind of an atmosphere you prefer. Both are very solid choices.

    I also noticed that you asked how the trip would be different if you booked a week later. If you arrive on the 20th or 21st, Cuba will be busier. You are booking way ahead of time so most places are still vacant for those days, but around Christmas, Havana and Cuba in general will be packed with tourists. December is the highest travel month of the year and Christmas is crazy for tourism in Cuba. Just keep that in mind. Restaurant and taxi prices are all highest at Christmas. And due to the amount of tourists, reservations for taxis and restaurants are harder to get. Personally, I try to avoid Cuba at Christmas. It is fun to see the city full of people, but the tourist infrastructure in Cuba is weak and when it gets overloaded it becomes a mess. That’s my opinion. Try to go a week before Christmas. If you have to go at Christmas, then let’s try to plan as much as we can ahead of time, but know that due to the Christmas chaos in Cuba, plans will likely have some last minute changes.

    Overall, I think your schedule is very normal and should not be stressful or tight. 4 to 5 nights in Havana and 2 nights in Trinidad is the basic trip that most people do and in my opinion is the best. In my opinion, Santa Clara is not a very inspiring city, so going there just for the last bit to catch your flight gives you just enough time to see the town quickly maybe and then head to the airport. Definitely the most popular and best places are Havana and Trinidad, and you will be spending good time there. You might even consider spending an extra night in Trinidad so you can explore more of the surrounding area. If you are into nature, then this would be interesting. You can take a horse ride around the valleys and mountains and also there is the Topes de Collantes mountain range where you can go for a day excursion and see the mountains, rivers and swim in natural lagoons. If nature is not so important, then definitely hit Havana and then take 2 nights in Trinidad to explore the old town and the surrounding areas (sugar mill valley and the tobacco farms).

    I hope this helps and just write me if you need more info about specific things.



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