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    I’m really enjoying your book and website. So many great informations. Thank you!

    My teenage son and I are visiting Cuba in April for 10 days, arriving Havana airport on 9th afternoon and leaving from the same airport on 18th around 3pm. I need some insights for scheduling our trip.

    Besides Havana, we’d love to visit Trinidad and Viñales, and I hope we can schedule in some snorkeling and relaxing time at the beach somewhere. But I started to think this plan might be too ambitious within this short time, so I’d like to hear your opinion.

    4/9: arrive to Havana
    4/10: Havana
    4/11: Havana
    4/12: go to Trinidad
    4/13: Trinidad
    4/14: Trinidad
    4/15: go to Viñales
    4/16: Viñales
    4/17: Viñales
    4/18: Viñales to Havana airport by taxi

    I’m not sure if I have allocated enough time to each area. Should we shorten one of the area? Or should we just do Havana and Trinidad (maybe adding Zapata swamp)? Or Havana and Viñales?

    Re: transportation, if I could find another one or two people to share the ride, I’d love to use a taxi for transportation between these areas since it’s much faster compared to Viazul. Is it easy go find people to share in advance?

    Re: bringing cash, is $1500 enough for 2 people?



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    Hi, your plan is good. You can do it exactly as you have written. It is not too ambitious, actually it is a very common route. You spend enough time in each area to see everything. And you have enough time in vinales and Trinidad to see all the attractions nearby such as the beaches and mountains. I think you will really enjoy the trip.

    1500$ will be enough. If it was me I would bring a but extra, just to be sure. Maybe 1800$ just to be sure. That will certainly be enough.

    As for finding rides to share, my beat advice is to go to the viazul terminals the day before you plan to leave. You can talk with the drivers and tell them that you want to travel as a colectivo. This means that you travel with other passengers. The drivers will find the other drivers and they can pick you up at your house. The cost will be low and the service is good. Get the drivers phone number in case you have to change plans.

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi Mario,

    Thank you so much for your advice.

    If you have any recommendation for checking out Cuban music scene with a 16 years old, please let me know.

    Also, I’m really enjoying your book! Very helpful!



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    Hi, for a 16 year old, you will have trouble getting into some bars or discos. And honestly, even if you managed to get into the clubs, I would not recommend going.

    For Cuban salsa you can have fun in Old Havana. There are usually music players in the bars and restaurants during the day. The squares usually have some musicians as well.

    For some cheap rock shows, there is the Submarino Amarillo bar, in Vedado. I think they will let 16 year olds in. It’s a pretty fun place, but it’s not really Cuban themed. It’s Beatles themed and is more for rock and roll.

    Or else, I find the most fun is just going walking or sitting on the Malecon sea wall on a weekend evening. Musicians walk around playing music and the locals join in with the singing. It’s nice.

    There are organized venues and theaters as well. Karl Marx Theater, Mella Theater, Bertolt Brecht Theater, etc. These have musical guests and shows. But you would have to check the marquees in front of the theaters for show times and prices. This info is not usually online anywhere.

    Have a great time.

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