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    Hi there,

    I am planning a trip with my almost 6 years -old daughter. I planned 2 weeks holidays, first half traveling from Havana-Vinales-Trinidad and then the other half just holidays in Varadero. (we will be jus the two of us)

    I have always wanted to see Cuba and now I don’t want to leave Maria home… I hope I can manage all this planning but need some hints.

    I have read almost all posts and now I am a bit confused. I planned 3 nigths in casa in Havana, first right away from the plane. Then Vinales and horseriding around the valley (2 nights). And a bit problematic – transfer to Trinidad… I plan to take a taxi for this trip but also had found a post where you advised to choose either Vinales or Trinidad because it would be a little bit similar (if I got it right). I know that both places are worth visiting but I really do have to plan it all according to my daughter..

    So could you read my plan and advise me something or correct my planning please:

    I will need a cab to get to casa in Havana (already chosen and contacted one) on arival night and will I manage to change the money at the airport?

    Then how to organize the stay in Havana – day walking with my daughter… we will have two full days, I want to see Malecon on Sunday and show here music and the climate… And to see the Havana not especially touristic one..

    Next Vinales (Viazul maybe there and back and coming back to Havana- have something to eat around the Viazul station and then will need a taxi to Trinidad)

    Then Trinidad for two nights (???) – I have read your posts, will we have something to do there? Horseriding again? we will probably not be able to enter any casa de musica because of her age, right? If I were alone I I am sure I would find things to do but with Marysia I need to think it over…

    And then to Varadero – no idea if Viazul (I know the lenght of routes and stops, and airconditioning but don’t want to spend so much money on transfers.)

    Then I will have to go back to Havana Airport from Varadero. (I have alredy been in touch with Claudia about the taxis)

    So does my plan look any resonable? Can I book casas in Vinales and/or Trinidad with your site?
    I really don’t want to come to Cuba with travel agency, but travelling with my child makes the planning more demending…

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    Hi, i will give you a detailed answer in a couple of hours.

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    Hi, ok, first of all, congratulations on planning this trip. I think it will be very fun. I have a daughter who is 5 and a half years old and I travel everywhere with her and never have serious issues. I just came back from 1 month with her in Havana and Vinales and we had a lot of fun.

    If you are staying in Cuba for 2 weeks then you can certainly visit Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. You have more than enough time. But for people who are in Cuba just 1 week, I personally think it would not be wise to visit Havana Vinales and Trinidad all together because you waste a lot of time traveling and Vinales and Trinidad are too similar. But you have 2 weeks, and even if you travel a lot the first week, you will have you second week to relax at the beach, so it should be fine.

    1. The airport taxi pickup is very easy. All the info is at this link. The taxi will pick you up at the airport and can wait for you as you exchange money, and then bring you directly to your casa particular.
    2. Organizing your stay in Havana is easy. Do you have a casa booked? Just pick which part of the city you want to stay in (I suggest Vedado or Plaza neighborhood) and we can book the casa for you. Then you just walk around and explore the city. With a young child you will have most fun just walking around. You can also take communal taxis and buses, just exploring the city cheaply and casually. My daughter loves cats and ice cream, so we go to “meet all the cats” wandering around the streets (they are save and mostly clean animals) and she enjoys many cheap ice cream cones as we walk around the city.
    3. Havana to Vinales – The Viazul is the cheapest way. The bus ride is like 4 hours, but it is comfortable and air conditioned. It will be fine. Vinales is great for horseback riding. If you are good with a horse, then you should ride with your daughter (she sits in front and you in back, on the same horse.) If you are not comfortable with a horse, then just go for a hike in the valley with a guide. Your landlord can organize all these things. Just tell the landlord a day in advance and she will make arrangements.
    4. Vinales to Trinidad – We can organize this taxi, no problem. We can get you a private taxi (more expensive) or a communal taxi (cheaper). It’s a long ride… like 6 hours, but many people do it. The taxi usually stops for like 10 minutes in Havana to do a transfer (you get out and get into a different taxi). They will not stop for lunch… You are best advised to bring a lunch with you. (Pack some sandwiches, water and crackers). Check out this Trinidad article too. Also, have you see the Trinidad Mini Guidebook . You should download and read it.
    5. Vinales and Trinidad – We can organize the casas. No problem. We have a list of casas here and we can set you up with something comfortable and affordable.
    6. Trinidad will be fun. Again, you can walk all around the town. There is a lot to see and do. If you went on a horse in Vinales then you might not want to go again in Trinidad. But take a hike up the hills and enjoy the fresh country air. Your daughter will like Trinidad as all the houses are small and cute looking. It’s a very nice area. The discos (casa de la musica) is only for adults. But there is a lot of outdoor music in the main squares. The town is tiny, and you will hear the music at night.. so just walk towards the loudest music and you will find the fun.
    7. Trinidad to Varadero – In the Viazul bus (http://www.viazul.com) it takes 6.5 hours. This is very long. Honestly, I suggest you try to get a communal taxi in Trinidad. Go to the Viazul station and negotiate with some drivers. You should be able to find a driver willing to take you and your daughter for about 50 cuc total (or less). In a taxi you can get from Trinidad to Varadero in about 3.5 hours or less. It will be much faster than with the Viazul.
    8. Where will you stay in Varadero? We can find you a casa, or you can stay at a hotel. For hotels, look on http://www.Sunwing.ca You can find something cheap and good. A hotel in Varadero is the best option. You will have a pool and a beach and the food is all included in the price. In a casa you will have no pool and you will have to walk to the beach and the food will be expensive. All told, a hotel will usually be cheaper than a casa in Varadero, and much better.

    We can take care of all the taxis and the casas. You are already in contact with my assistant Claudia, and she can easily manage all the other reservations you might need.

    Don’t worry. It will be fun, and you will have no problems traveling with your daughter.

    take care,



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