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Project Description

The CDR says: “My town: United, Vigilant and Combative!”

That’s what this wall painting reads. Yes, it’s a form of propaganda, but it’s also a message to the people to remain united and alert. Cuba is an island in more ways than one. The culture here is distinct. In some ways Cubans see themselves as isolated from the rest of the world. Some of that is caused by their own government. But some is also caused by outside forces. The feel that the way to progress is to stay together and move forward collectively.

This particular poster was made by the local CDR in the neighborhood. The CDR is like  state sponsored neighborhood watch. They keep an eye on activity and also help organize political events and community programs. If you have a problem, the first person you talk to is the CDR representative. They can either fix it, or pass your request up the official channels.

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