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Economic Ties Between Cuba and China

This is the Chinese embassy, located in Vedado, at Calle 13 No. 551, Entre C Y D. It is a huge building, beautifully decorated and surrounded by a rather imposing wall. Havana is filled with foreign embassies. Most of them are located in the suburb of Miramar, but some are located in Vedado.

The Chinese embassy is particularly important because China has been greatly increasing its investment in Cuba, which is directly leading to an improvement in the economy. China seems to recognize the significance and potential of the highly skilled and educated Cuban workforce, and want to make certain that they are clearly seen as an ally, ready to help in whatever way necessary.

Over the last years, due to the growing ties between China and Cuba, tourism from China to Havana has increased dramatically. You will surely notice this on your trip to Havana. The two countries also has programs in place for university education exchanges. Cubans can complete a portion of their studies in China, and vice versa.

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