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We are in Old Havana, so you can expect all these restaurants to be tourist oriented, and EXPENSIVE. Doesn’t this place look expensive? Restaurante Dos Hermanos… The food is good, but expect to pay at least $20 per person. You can get the same meal for about $3 per person in Vedado.. And I show you how in my guide.

But, the ferry terminal to Regla is located right in front of the Dos Hermanos restaurant. Use this ferry to get from Havana to Regla or to Casablanca. It’s a great ride, a fun way to see the city.. and at 1 peso (4 cents) it’s definitely cheap. All the info about this ferry is in the guide….

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    Robert Owen March 14, 2019 at 2:52 am - Reply

    Recent visit March 2019- $25 for two people for a complete lobster meal. The drinks were on the low range of pricing in Old Havana and the music outstanding. Music got going fairly early.

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