Relax And Enjoy The View of the Malecon at the Hotel Nacional, Vedado, Havana

Free Fun and Amazing Lookout At the Hotel Nacional in Vedado, Havana, Cuba. Sit back and relax. Sip your drink, enjoy the sunshine, listen to a live band playing in the background. And it's all free. Just go to the Hotel Nacional in Vedado, Havana, Cuba and walk in through the front doors and out [...]

Party Atmosphere on the Havana Malecon at Night

The Havana Malecon at Night Looks Like a Fun Disco! This is the place to be for cheap, fun in Havana on a weekend night. Even on Thursday and Friday nights, the area near the corner of 23 (La Rampa) and the Malecon is usually packed with Havana locals, drinking, dancing, talking, playing music and having tons of [...]

Relax and Use the Internet in The Habana Libre Hotel Lobby – Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Using the Internet And Enjoying the Free Lobby At The Habana Libre Hotel, Havana, Cuba   Relax, use the internet, have a drink, in the air condition, Habana Libre Hotel lobby. It's absolutely free to enter the lobby and relax on the lounge chairs. You can even walk up to the mezzanine and just chill. [...]

Where to Buy Guarapo Frio in Havana

Guarapo Frio Stands in Havana, Cuba Have you heard about Guarapo Frio? It's a delicious, smooth, cold, refreshing sugar cane juice drink that will make you fall in love with natural Cuban juice drinks. Cuba is known for it's fresh fruit, and you can get natural juices on almost every corner of any major city, [...]

Fantastic Free Lookout in Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Free Lookout over Vedado, Havana - Cheap Things to Do and Free Exploration in Cuba   This is a free lookout located in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. Simply walk into the building and take the elevator to either the 9th or 10th floor. There, you can look out through the windows and see [...]

Massive Discount Flea Market in Central Havana, Cuba

Huge, Cheap Flea Market in Central Havana Now this is where average Cuban shops. They don't go to expensive state stores to buy goods, they do their basic shopping at flea markets. Check out this inexpensive flea market where you can get a great pair of hand made leather sandals for less than 9CUC ($9). [...]

World Famous Boxing Gym in Old Havana, Cuba.

Take Boxing Classes in Havana At The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym This is one of the most famous boxing gyms in Cuba and even the world. The amazing Rafael Trejo boxing gym, located at 815 Calle De Cuba in Old Havana is not must to look at, but the caliber of boxers trained at this gym [...]

Havana Capitol Building and Shops (Capitolio, Cuba)

Fun and Interesting Things to Do at The Havana Capitol Building The Havana Capitol building (El Capitolio) is one of the most popular landmarks and tourist destinations in Havana. The building, located on the boarder between Old Havana and Central Havana is bustling with people and cars day and night. The area surrounding the Capitol is clustered [...]

Party Night in Havana – G Street at the Corner of La Rampa!

Party Night in Havana - G Street at the Corner of La Rampa!  It's a weekend night in Havana, and what better place to be than chilling with some friends, a few cheap bottles of alcohol and some music, on G Street, near the corner of La Rampa. Even if you are a foreigner, come [...]

Best Havana Nightlife Hot-Spot – 23 Street (La Rampa) Vedado, Cuba

This is what 23 Street (La Rampa) is like at night, in Havana, Cuba. This is one of the busiest streets in Cuba, at any time of the day. At night, it's a vibrant, bustling street, filled with street-food vendors, thousands of attractive, young people and families. It's an active, festive atmosphere, particularly on weekends.

Best of Havana: 23 Street (La Rampa) and G – The Center of Vedado

The corner of 23 Street (La Rampa) and G Street (Ave de los Presidentes) is the center of the Vedado neighborhood in Vedado, and perhaps the most interesting intersection in all of Havana. Anytime, day or night, there are people walking around this area. There is a large, open air bar which is buzzing late [...]

Best Ice cream in the world! La Coppelia, in Havana, Cuba

The world famous La Coppelia ice cream shop in Vedado, Cuba (Havana). It serves some of the best and cheapest ice cream in the world. It costs only 1 peso per scoop, so that is the equivalent of about 4 cents USD per scoop! You will never beat that price.

Awesome and Cheap Havana Ferry Ride to Regla

This is the ferry terminal in Havana. Use this ferry yo get from Havana to Regla or to Casablanca. It's a great ride, a fun way to see the city.. and at 1 peso (4 cents) it's definitely cheap. All the info about this ferry is in the guide...

Huge Amateur Baseball Field, Havana, Cuba

This is an abandoned field located in one of the poorest parts of Vedado, at the corner of Calzada and J. Locals call it El Hueco (the gap). Come here on a weekend or evening and this area will be filled with people. Amateur baseball and soccer games take place on the field and basket [...]

How To Go to Playas Del Este (Guanabo)

In this video I show you how to take a cheap, communal taxi from the Vedado neighborhood of Havana, all the way to the Playas del Este beachs in Guanabo. The taxi fare is only about $2, so it's really cheap and in my opinion, this is the best way to get tot he beach [...]

Best Havana Hangouts – Corner of La Rampa and G Street (Vedado, Cuba)

This is the most important intersection in all of Vedado. G street (Ave de los Presidentes) is a major traffic hub and a fantastic place to meet people. During the day there are thousands of students in this area since it is so close to the university. At lunch time, the paladares (restaurants) in this [...]

3 Most Important Havana Landmarks and Locations

I'm at the corner of 23 (La Rampa) and L street. This is one of the most important intersections in Havana. I am right beside the La Coppelia ice cream shop, and in front of the Cinema Yara, and just accross the street from the Habana Libre Hotel (former Havana Hilton Hotel). This area is [...]

Artisinal Shop in Central Havana

This is an artisinal shop located in Central Havana. In many ways, these shops are like flea markets, where locals gather to sell goods, repair small items and offer services. In the past the government was the only entity allowed to offer these services. Currently, due to economic reforms, small business is being given more [...]