The Real Cuba Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich (sometimes called “midnight”, or “Cuban Pressed Sandwich”) are one of the most popular products on the menus of cafés and restaurants in Cuba, since the mid-1800s.

The sandwich was designed to be a full meal in itself.

Ingredients in An Authentic Cuban Sandwich

Traditionally, the only ingredients that were never supposed to be included were: tomato, lettuce, carrots, mayonnaise. So, if you see a chef on the food network using those ingredients for a Cuban, then you know it is totally not original.

The real Cuban sandwich will have: “Cuban” bread, cooked ham, sliced pork, soft cheese, pickles or fresh cucumbers, and you can also add spicy mustard sauce. Ketchup is also frequently applied to the sides of the bread rolls, but this move is still somewhat controversial.

If you can’t get to Havana to have an authentic Cuban sandwich, your next best bet is to go to Miami. The thriving Cuban scene in that city is true to the original Cuban gastronomic roots.


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