Cuban Pig Roast – Authentic Cuban Lechon Asado

Cuban Pig Roast Party A slow cooked, roasted Cuban pig is one of the most traditional Cuban foods and cooking styles you can get. There is a lot of preparation involved and a whole day of cooking, but roasting a pig on an outdoor fire pit is a great way to celebrate a special [...]

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What Would A Trip To Cuba Be Like Without Cheap Beer?

Beer Shortage in Cuba Is Causing Unrest With Locals I just got back from a long trip to Cuba and I wanted to make a quick report on the beer shortage on the island. It was really difficult to find beer in Havana at most retail stores. All the little state shops were out and [...]

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The Best Cuban Snack! The Cucurucho, from Baracoa!

One Of The Best And Most Unique Traditional Cuban Snack Foods Ok, let me just say, if you are even in Cuba and have the opportunity to try one of these snacks, you absolutely must! They are divine!!! They are called cucuruchos, which means cones or cornets. And that's exactly what they are. Cones, made [...]

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Food boxes are everywhere in Cuba. Need a quick meal? Just pick one up!

The Best Quick Meals in Cuba Well, the old Cuban story goes that the boxes started when a man was going to host a birthday party for his young son, but was worried that there was not enough food for all the guests. Rather than simply setting up a table and letting each guest take as [...]

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Cuba Pork Roast

Oh, it must be a very special occasion. A whole roasted pork is reserved for large family gatherings and celebrations. Marinated, basted and drizzled over with a lemon garlic mojo sauce, and then left to roast for hours.... You have never tasted such a delicious pork dish. This one is even finely decorated, with sausages [...]

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Great Havana Snacks!

Feeling Hungry in Cuba? Pan con guayaba... that's what it's called and that's probably the most common breakfast sandwich in Cuba. Cheap, sweet, filling and quick to make. All you need is your daily portion of bread (pan) and a few slices of dulce de guayaba. Add it all together and there you go. If [...]

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