How to Deal With Scams in Cuba?…. One day at a Time.

It's not all Beaches and Rum In Cuba, you will see and meet all kinds. You will find interesting, happy things that will make you wish you had visited this country sooner. And then you will find some odd and depressing things, which will make you question why anybody even comes to this place. My [...]

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Top Things to Do in Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Old Havana vs Vedado? I get asked this question all the time. It seems like every foreigner who is taking a trip to Havana is torn between spending time in Vedado or Old Havana. When most tourists think of Havana, they have the image of Old Havana in their head. They imagine tight, cobblestone streets. Open [...]

Top 6 Best Cheap Restaurants in Havana, Cuba

Popular and Cheap Restaurants in Havana   There are thousands of great restaurants in Havana. Walk around for five minutes and you are sure to find a good one. Despite what some guides might say, the average quality of food in Havana, especially the authentic Cuban cuisine, is extremely high. The core meals consist of [...]

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The Best Cuban Beers! What the tourists drink, and what the locals prefer!

What is The Best Cuban Beer? The drinking scene in Cuba is awash in rum and beer. The drinks are all cheap, especially when compared to western prices. Maybe you've heard stories about how much Cubans love to drink and party? Well, the stories are right. Despite the low average income in Cuba, locals can [...]

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The Best Family Friendly Resort in Cuba

The Best Resort in Cuba For A Family Vacation Most people who go to Cuba will be staying at all inclusive resorts. Although I am usually a backpack traveler, I have also stayed a great many resorts in Cuba and I have always enjoyed myself. Independent backpack traveling is clearly different from an all inclusive [...]

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Where to get Guarapo Frio (sugar cane juice) in Havana, Cuba

The Best Guarapo Frio Locations in Havana, Cuba What is Guarapo Frio? Guarapo frio is the sweetest, healthiest, most delicious drink you can find in Cuba. It's popular all over the Caribbean and Central/South America, but in my opinion, Cubans make it better than all the rest. Finding a good Guarapo Frio vendor can be [...]

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Food boxes are everywhere in Cuba. Need a quick meal? Just pick one up!

The Best Quick Meals in Cuba Well, the old Cuban story goes that the boxes started when a man was going to host a birthday party for his young son, but was worried that there was not enough food for all the guests. Rather than simply setting up a table and letting each guest take as [...]

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You want a real Cuban sandwich? Go to Havana!

The Real Cuba Sandwich The Cuban sandwich (sometimes called "midnight", or "Cuban Pressed Sandwich") are one of the most popular products on the menus of cafés and restaurants in Cuba, since the mid-1800s. The sandwich was designed to be a full meal in itself. Ingredients in An Authentic Cuban Sandwich Traditionally, the only ingredients that [...]

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Churros are big business in Havana! Here is a recipe too!

Churro Craze Hits Havana Over the last few years, Cubans have been clamoring to import churro making equipment in order to open up their own street food stand selling the delicious snacks. Visit Havana and walk through its streets; you won't be able to travel 50 meters without seeing a churro stand. Cuban Churro Recipe [...]

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Want to try an exotic, tropical fruit? GUANABANA

Try Exotic Fruits in Havana In English, this fruit is often called soursop; but doesn't guanábana have a much nicer sound to it? It's really popular in Cuba and if you go at the right time of the year, you should be able to get it all over the island. It's a common fruit drink, and [...]

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