Havana Tornado Photos and Videos

Tornado Hits Havana On January 27, 2019, a massive tornado touched down in the eastern part of the city of Havana. The tornado caused widespread damage to property and state media confirms that at least 3 people are dead, and hundreds injured. The Cuban government has mobilized the military to clean up the debris [...]

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A Guide to Cuban Architecture – Havana and Trinidad

Havana - A Tour of Cuba's Architectural Heritage A new visual dictionary of the architectural history of Havana and Trinidad will soon be released by author Andrés R. Rodríguez - More info below. The charm and beauty of Cuba's heritage style architecture is a massive tourist draw. People come to Havana specifically expecting to see old, [...]

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Some Frequently asked Questions About Visiting Havana and Cuba

Some Questions and Answers For First Time Cuba Visitors   Below I will answer some frequently asked questions about Cuba and Havana. If you are planning to visit Cuba, this information might come in handy.   Cubans lining up at the local phone office. Question: We are from the USA and are trying [...]

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First Time in Cuba – Having Fun, Exploring Havana Like A Local

Should Cuba be on Your Travel List? I often receive emails from nervous tourists asking about safety in Cuba. Many foreigners have some terrible impressions of Havana. I always tell them to relax. I explain that Cuba is a really safe, and popular destination. There is always something interesting and exciting to do in Havana. Regardless [...]

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How to Deal With Scams in Cuba?…. One day at a Time.

It's not all Beaches and Rum In Cuba, you will see and meet all kinds. You will find interesting, happy things that will make you wish you had visited this country sooner. And then you will find some odd and depressing things, which will make you question why anybody even comes to this place. My [...]

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What is the Best Cuba Guidebook for Exploring All of Cuba?

I Want To Explore All of Cuba - What's the Best Cuba Guidebook For Me? I see this question asked all the time on message boards, forums and even directly to me. It usually comes from people who are anxious to explore, but don't know where to start. Maybe they have traveled around their own country and [...]

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Why Vedado is the Best Neighborhood to Rent a Casa Particular

The Best Casas Particulares are in Vedado, Havana If you are planning to rent a casa particular in Havana, then I 100% recommend that you stay in Vedado versus Old Havana. It’s not even a question, in my mind. If you want a large, well maintained casa and a quiet sleep at night, then a [...]

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Turkey May Be Building Cuba’s First Mosque, in Havana

For years, Cuba’s Muslims—estimated at just a few thousand—have been a bit, well, unorthodox. Most have favored a flexible version of Islam that’s adjusted to years of living in the pork-loving Communist state. Religious practices like avoiding booze, fasting on Ramadan and getting circumcised are often considered optional for Muslims on the island. Many haven’t even worshiped [...]

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Cuba’s Fantastic New Foreign Investment Law?

Cuban Foreign Investment The administrators of the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) are working closely with foreign investors on 15 project applications, the ZEDM chief executive said during a fair in Havana, according to official media. Ana Teresa Igarza didn’t specify the investors, but she said they hailed from Spain, Russia, Italy, China and Brazil, [...]

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The Cuban who wants to touch the sky by Bike

Reach for the stars: A Cuban Rises to the Challenge Felix Guariola wants to join the Guinness Book of Record for driving the highest bike in the world. To do so, he has created a bike that stands 18 feet tall. Guariola is a Cuban who has a bicycle shop in Havana. A [...]

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