Should Cuba be on Your Travel List?

I often receive emails from nervous tourists asking about safety in Cuba. Many foreigners have some terrible impressions of Havana. I always tell them to relax. I explain that Cuba is a really safe, and popular destination. There is always something interesting and exciting to do in Havana. Regardless if you are a seasoned world traveler or a relatively newbie explorer, Havana (and Cuba in general) should certainly be on your list of places to visit.


A Truly Memorable Havana Experience

I recently helped a young couple make their travel arrangements in Havana. They informed themselves well about what to expect on their trip and they used that knowledge to their advantage as they explored the city. They sent me this little report about their experiences in Cuba.

They stayed in a casa particular in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana. The casa is called Casa Gustavo, and it is one of our most popular rental properties.


Loving Their First Time In Havana

Loving Their First Time In Havana – Laura & Lyndon


Hi Mario,

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you for helping me arrange such a lovely holiday.  We’ve been back 2 weeks now and it has been manic since we did, it was quite nice being cut off with no mobile or easy access to internet I can tell you!
Gustavo was absolutely lovely and we got on really well with my pigeon Spanish and Gustavo’s slightly better English and he was always helpful and welcoming.  
Gustavo (on the right) with Cuban friends and family.

Gustavo (on the right) with Cuban friends and family.


We walked absolutely everywhere, from Miramar, all round Vedado, through Central Havana via numerous roads into old Havana and over to Casablanca on the boat.  We also took the T3 tourist bus out to the beaches and spent a few hours on Santa Maria Del Mar which was stunning.  We met a lovely group of Cuban girls whilst there and shared beers together
The boat trip to Casablanca was funny, I asked for this boat and we were directed to a queue.  Having got on the boat, this went off to the right instead of the left so we ended up in Regla, had to wait for a return boat just to be back where we started an nearly an hour later!  We did eventually get there and explored the statue of Cristo then onwards to the Castillo.  We decided to jump on a bicitaxi, the guy was lovely and between some English and Spanish we chatted and learnt a lot.
Classic American Cars, Near the Capitolio Building

Classic American Cars, Near the Capitolio Building

The Malecon was a lovely place to be, we ran 4 times whilst there and thought this the safest place in terms of the pavements! 
Cuba is a stunning place and we thoroughly enjoyed wandering around and watching the Cubans going about their business.  We came back with hundreds of pictures and have attached a few for you.
Old Havana

Old Havana

Anyway, thanks again as we will always remember such a stunning Country and the warmth of the people there
Laura & Lyndon


What Are You Waiting For?

Start making your Cuba travel plans today. Book the flight, find a nice casa particular and check out this wonderful country for yourself. It’s safe, fun and you will make some lifelong memories.


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