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Large Markets in Vedado and Havana, Cuba

This is a mid sized market, located in Vedado, at the corner of 27 and A. In Cuba these are called agromercados, or agropecuarios. They are locations where local farmers of vendors hired by cooperative farms come to sell their produce. Prices for goods are relatively cheap, compared to similar items sold at state stores. Most of the items at these markets are fresh fruits and vegetables, but usually you can also find a fresh juice stand, a small baked or fried food seller, or a stand selling dried beans and rice.

The average tourist will not frequent markets like these, choosing rather to dine at restaurants. But if you have a kitchen in our casa particular you should definitely consider grabbing some fresh ingredients and cooking your own meals from time to time. Also, you can just  browse the markets for fun, or go to pick up some quick snacks as you walk or cycle around the city. Nothing is more refreshing then a tall glass of freshly squeezed mango juice and a ripe banana, on a hot, Havana afternoon.

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