Casa Particular Ernesto – Independent Apartment Vedado


Independent Apartment in a Vedado Mansion Casa Particular Ernesto is located in Vedado, about 1 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 1 minutes walking to the Hotel Nacional and 2 minutes walking to the Havana Malecon. The casa is directly in downtown Vedado.  The apartment [...]

Casa Particular Plaza Vedado – Independent Apartment Loft


Independent Apartment Loft in Vedado Casa Particular Plaza Vedado is located in Vedado, about 5 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 10 minutes walking to the Habana Libre Hotel and 5 minutes walking to the Havana Malecon.  The mansion has a private [...]

Casa Particular Valeria – Independent Vedado Apartment


2 bedroom Apartment in Vedado Casa Particular Valeria is located in downtown Vedado, about 4 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 5 minutes walking to the Habana Colon Cemetery. The Havana Malecon is just down the street, about 7 minutes away. The apartment is [...]

Casa Particular Vista Panorama – Private Rooms


Luxury Casa Particular, Overlooking Havana and Vedado  Huge, modern apartment, in a high rise building, located on La Rampa (23rd street), in Vedado. 3 large bedrooms. The apartment is located on the 17th floor and the terrace offers a panoramic [...]

Casa Particular Montoro – Independent Apartment


1 bedroom Apartment in Centro Habana Casa Particular Montoro is located in Plaza de La Revolucion, about 10 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 20 minutes walking to the Habana Libre Hotel. The casa is officially in the Plaza de La Revolucion neighborhood, but since [...]