Casa Particular Guido – 3 Bedrooms Apartment


Fantastic Location, Close To All The Vedado Action Casa Particular Guido is located on the second floor of a beautiful old building, in the center of Vedado. The casa particular is located about 5 minutes walking to the famous La Rampa Street and [...]

Casa Particular Plaza Vedado – 4 Bedrooms in Vedado


4 Bedrooms in Vedado Mansion Casa Particular Plaza Vedado is located in Vedado, about 5 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 10 minutes walking to the Habana Libre Hotel, and 5 minutes walking to the Havana Malecon. There are 4 bedrooms located inside [...]

Casa Particular Tatiana – 1 Private Room – Vedado


1 Bedroom in a Vedado Mansion Casa Particular Tatiana is located in Vedado in a beautifully restored mansion. The casa is located about 2 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 5 minutes walking to the Habana Libre Hotel in downtown Vedado. This casa particular [...]

Casa Particular Madelyn – 2 Bedrooms in Vedado


2 bedroom Apartment in Vedado Casa Particular Madelyn is located in downtown Vedado, about 7 minutes walking to La Rampa Street and 3 minutes walking to the Presidente Hotel. The Havana Malecon is just down the road, about 2 minutes away. The apartment is located on the ground floor [...]