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Using Credit Cards & Western Union in Cuba

September 7th, 2016|4 Comments

Can You Use American Credit Cards in Cuba? A few weeks ago when I was in Cuba, there was a family from the USA who had some money issues. I had organized a taxi tour [...]

Some Frequently asked Questions About Visiting Havana and Cuba

November 20th, 2015|0 Comments

Some Questions and Answers For First Time Cuba Visitors   Below I will answer some frequently asked questions about Cuba and Havana. If you are planning to visit Cuba, this information might come in handy. [...]

First Time in Cuba – Having Fun, Exploring Havana Like A Local

October 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Should Cuba be on Your Travel List? I often receive emails from nervous tourists asking about safety in Cuba. Many foreigners have some terrible impressions of Havana. I always tell them to relax. I explain that [...]

How to Deal With Scams in Cuba?…. One day at a Time.

October 14th, 2015|2 Comments

It's not all Beaches and Rum In Cuba, you will see and meet all kinds. You will find interesting, happy things that will make you wish you had visited this country sooner. And then you [...]

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