What is a CADECA Foreign Exchange Office?

In Cuba, foreign money can be exchanged at any bank or at specialized, state owned foreign exchange offices called CADECAs. These CADECA exchange offices can convert foreign currency into Cuban currency. As mentioned, there are 2 official types of Cuban currency and you should familiarize yourself with these currencies before visiting Cuba. Once you arrive in Cuba, you can go to any CADECA exchange office and exchange your foreign currency to Cuban currency, which you can use while in Cuba.

Official Map of All CADECA Foreign Exchange Offices in Havana and Cuba

Below is a map which shows the location of all the CADECA exchange offices throughout Cuba. Use this map to locate a CADECA in the city and neighborhoods where you will be visiting. These CADECAs are all state owned and have the same exchange rates. The only CADECAs which charge slightly higher rates are those found in hotel lobbies and those located at the airport. The ones in hotel lobbies offer the worst exchange rates, while those at the airport are only slightly worse than the regular street-side CADECAs.



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