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Real Havana: The Bestselling Cuba Travel Guidebook

With over 10,000 sales and counting, Real Havana is the right guide for you! Its the most complete and trusted Cuba guide on the market.

Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like A Local And Save Money

Best Cuba and Havana Travel Guide Book
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  • Real Cuban Culture And Authentic Cuisine
  • Affordable Havana Restaurants and Entertainment Options
  • All Taxi Particular Routes In Havana And Suburbs
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Havana Tips and Tricks: Interesting Facts and Tips On Havana And Cuba

Free Cuba and Havana Travel Guide Book
  • Discover:
  • Interesting Facts about Cuba
  • Money saving tips on Cuban cuisine and dining
  • Common restaurant scams in Havana
  • Top 10 Havana Tips

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The Real Havana guide is the best Havana Travel guide book to exploring the authentic Cuba.

It is ranked as the top cultural guide for Cuba and is great for exploring and discovering  interesting, hidden parts of Havana.

If you actually want to explore Cuba on your own, and learn about Cuban life, then this book will dramatically shorten your learning curve and show you some fantastic “hidden” places. I loved that I could walk inside and explore the old buildings in Havana. No other guides mention how to do this.
Patrick Harper
I have read dozens of guidebooks and personally been involved in the travel industry for over a decade; this book puts all other Cuba guides to shame. Books from Globe Trekker, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and National Geographic are pathetic, compared to the wealth of knowledge, insight and assistance provided in this guide.
Lara Balsiger
I landed in Varadero and the taxi drivers wanted to charge me $80 to go to Havana. CRAZY! I looked up the Viazul bus schedule in this guide, and it only cost me $10. Directly from the Varadero airport to Havana, in under 2 hours. Why don’t other guides have this information?
Pamela Ruiz