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Hundreds of Photos of Havana and Vedado

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Havana is a city of wonder. Parts of the city are old and decrepit. Other parts are new and vibrant. But wherever you are and whatever you are seeing, you will be able to appreciate Havana’s beauty and the pride that locals take in their historic city. Below you can browse hundreds of photos of Havana which I have taken over the years. I have photos of Old Havana, Central Havana and the Vedado neighborhood. I have photos of daily life in Havana. The poor, the rich, crumbling buildings and majestic, renovated colonial mansions. 

Most of all, I try to capture images of everyday life in the city. My goal is to show foreigners that while Cuba is a country which is very different from most others, the people are actually just like you and me. They go to restaurants in the evening and bars or nightclubs on weekends. They wait in line for ice cream (La Coppelia Ice Cream Shop) with their families and take the bus to get to work or school each morning. Also, natural beauty is everywhere in Cuba and a major part of the culture. From the clean, sandy beaches, to the blue, calm ocean. From the mountains in the east to the valleys and lush vegetation in the west. I try to capture photos of as much as I can, in order to give you a broad perspective of how people live in Cuba, and the majestic beauty of this amazing country. While my photos of Havana and Cuba are not professional, I think that the basic message gets through.

And if you are truly interested in an authentic travel experience in Cuba and want to explore Havana from a locals perspective and see all these things for yourself, I suggest that you download the Real Havana Cuban Travel Guidebook. It will give you a deep analysis of the culture and show you how to see hundreds of offbeat and fun locations, most of which are completely free, and which are not mentioned in any other travel guide.

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