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Bringing Used Clothing and Household Goods To Cuba

Bringing Used Clothing and Household Goods To Cuba In a world filled with abundance, the power of giving knows no bounds. One way to make a meaningful impact is by donating used clothing and household goods to those in need. In this spirit of generosity, many individuals are exploring the opportunity to bring these essentials to Cuba, extending a helping hand to the Cuban [...]

List of CADECA Locations in Havana and Cuba

What is a CADECA Foreign Exchange Office? In Cuba, foreign money can be exchanged at any bank or at specialized, state owned foreign exchange offices called CADECAs. These CADECA exchange offices can convert foreign currency into Cuban currency. As mentioned, there are 2 official types of Cuban currency and you should familiarize yourself with these currencies before visiting Cuba. Once you arrive in Cuba, you [...]

The Most Popular Cuban Towns and Cities for Tourists

The following is a brief summary of some of the most popular towns and cities in Cuba for Tourists. Recommended For New Cuba Tourists Havana - It's the tourist capital. Filled with Cubans, it is also the economic center of Cuba. Cubans from across the country dream of coming to Havana to make money. It's a hard life and the housing shortage and congestion [...]