Cheap Taxi Tours in and Around Havana And Cuba

If you are interested in hiring a private taxi driver to take you on a tour of Havana or to bring you to different cities in Cuba, then below you will find all the information. It is important to note that this information pertains specifically to hiring a private taxi and driver. If you are simply looking to get a taxi to drive you from one end of the city to another, you can just hail a regular taxi cab on any street corner and get to your destination for a few dollars. 

If you are looking to arrange a guided taxi tour of Havana or to hire a chauffeur for a few days while you are in the city, or if you want to take a private taxi from Havana to other cities, such as Trinidad, Varadero or Vinales, then simply check out one of the drivers below and I can help you book the taxi and plan the excursion.

Note: You pay the drivers directly. I will book the drivers for you, but I make no commission from them.


The following is a price list for taxi services from different cities in Cuba.


Taking a taxi from Havana to…
Trip Durations
In Hours
Price in CUC
Modern Taxi with A/C
Price in CUC
Classic American Car
Havana Airport2530 minutes$25.00$25.00
Playas del Este Havana2030 minutes$20.00$25.00
Varadero Airport1302$90.00$105.00
Las Terrazas / Moka801.3$60.00$70.00
Palma Rubia / Cayo Levisa1902.3$90.00$90.00
Cienfuegos / Airport2603$120.00$120.00
Santa Clara3003.3$150.00$140.00
Maria La Gorda3504.3$150.00$160.00
Playa Larga1863$110.00$110.00
Playa Giron2203.3$110.00$120.00
Cayo Santa Maria3995$210.00$210.00
Cayo Coco / Airport5576$300.00$300.00


Taking a taxi from Trinidad to…
Trip Durations
In Hours
Price in CUC
Modern Taxi with A/C
Price in CUC
Classic American Car
Havana Airport3654.3$160.00$160.00
Varadero Airport3204$140.00$140.00
Cienfuegos / Airport851$70.00$70.00
Santa Clara1702$70.00$85.00
Maria La Gorda6808$280.00$280.00
Playa Larga2003$100.00$100.00
Playa Giron1802.3$85.00$85.00
Cayo Santa Maria2113$100.00$100.00
Cayo Coco / Airport2603.3$125.00$125.00
Cayo Guillermo2934$140.00$140.00


Taking a taxi from Vinales to…
Trip Durations
In Hours
Price in CUC
Modern Taxi with A/C
Price in CUC
Classic American Car
Pinar del Rio2530 minutes$20.00$20.00
Palma Rubia / Cayo Levisa651.3$30.00$35.00
Havana Airport1902.3$90.00$90.00
Cienfuegos / Airport4755$200.00$200.00
Santa Clara5025$220.00$215.00
Cayo Jutias (Round Trip)120Whole Day$60.00$60.00
Las Terrazas / Moka1401.3$55.00$70.00
Maria La Gorda1802.3$80.00$90.00
Playa Larga4014.3$120.00$150.00
Playa Giron4365$130.00$165.00
Playa Jibacoa2703.3$110.00$120.00


Taxi Fleet

cuba taxi driver, car hire, havana tour chauffeur

The state operated “Yellow” taxis have air conditioning and modern features. (Capacity 4 passengers plus the driver)



The Classic American car taxis are stylish and fun! (Capacity 5 passengers plus the driver)



If you are traveling in a group, then the Minibus option will be just what you need (Max capacity 7 passengers plus the driver). I can arrange Minibus taxis on a limited basis. Prices depend on availability. Use the form below to request one and I will try my best to find one for your group.


Take a tour of Havana

For more info on taking a guided taxi tour of the whole city of Havana, please click here!

The standard 2 hour Havana taxi tour of the city costs 50$ for a car load (4 people).


General Taxi Price Tips


  • Havana Airport pick up and drop off at your casa particular or hotel in Havana – $25 cuc.


You can sometimes get better prices by using the same driver a few times during your trip. Just ask the driver for his business card or phone number and you can call him directly each time you need a lift. He will likely offer you discounted rates.


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