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Ah, the famous Guarapo Frio sugarcane juice.

This stuff is fantastic. It’s sweet, cold and delicious. A perfect refreshment on a hot day in the city. These stands make the juice fresh, and they usually have a long lineup in front. Since it only costs 1 peso (Moneda Nacional) everybody can afford it. Don’t be put off by the greenish color… It’s all natural, but it tastes fantastic. Want a little tip? Swirl the juice around in your glass for about a minute before drinking. The ice will melt just enough to make the whole glass frost cold. That’s how the pros do it in Cuba. There are not a ton of these guarapo stands in Vedado of Old Havana, but in Central Havana there are dozens. Take a walk down any busy street and you are sure to find one. If you have trouble, check out Neptuno, near Galiano, or Infanta, on the south corner of Carlos Tercero.

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