Best Attractions and Things to See in Baracoa, Cuba

How’s this for a destination “off the beaten path.” Baracoa is located on the eastern tip of Cuba, a thousand kms east of Havana. If you have the chance, GO!

It is a marvelous place, mostly untouched by settlements and tourism. The town of Baracoa is tiny, with probably not more than a few thousand inhabitants. In the distance, about 10 kms away from the village, there is the famous El Yunque mountain. The Rio Toa snakes beside the mountain, and, in my opinion, is an even better attraction. The landscape looks like something out of a prehistoric movie scene. Words cannot describe it.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

El Yunque is a 575 m (1,886 ft) high mountain located 7 km (4.3 mi) west of Baracoa and the Baracoa Bay inCuba‘s Guantanamo Province. It has a table mountain shape that resembles an anvil (“yunque” in Spanish).

El Yunque was mentioned by Christopher Columbus in his chronicles about the discovery of the Americas.

[2] The Yunque is situated between the banks of the rivers Duaba and Toa, it is 1,125 m (3,691 ft) long and has a total area of 461,000 m2 (4,960,000 sq ft).

El Yunque was declared a National Monument by the Cuban National Commission of Monuments on December 25, 1979.


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