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  • Carlos
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    Hi have read this guide twice by now, and made various notes regarding our next trip to Havana in May this year. I have also contacted a few “Casas” to try and book a room and most of them have quoted me 5cuc¨s more than the price quoted in this guide…just wonder if the prices have gone up since…e.g..this Casa ( Jose Luizs y Maribel) are asking 25cuc´s per room per night and breakfast from 1 to 5 cuc´s.

    Mario Rizzi
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    Hi Carlos, I had my assistant contact Mirabel and they spoke for a while. Mirabel’s email address has been changed recently. I updated this email in the guide. Things change fast in Cuba, so I have to always keep the guide updated. I will do this right away.

    As for the price, Mirabel insists that it was just a misunderstanding. Apparently, her regular price is 25cuc per night, but she gives people who use my guide a discount. So, all you need to do is mention in the email that you saw the price of 20cuc in the guidebook (Real Havana, by Mario Rizzi) and she will give that price.

    Here is the email from my assistant:

    I talked once again to Maribel. they seemed reasonable and nice people.

    they keep saying that they will charge 20cuc when the client specifies that he got the casa info through the Mario rizzi guide… I even asked them if they were wanting us to raise their rate to 25 cuc (but I told them it wouldn’t be a competitive price) and they said no, it would be better to publish 20 cuc. so, please tell carlos that if he is going to stay there, he can do it for 20cuc. I can do the booking myself. Give him my direct phone number of 535 389 5036 and I will take care of booking any casa he needs, with no commission at all.


    Anyway, I am very sorry about the confusion. Mirabel just did not understand that you saw the price in the guidebook. In either case, I will be working with her to make sure that this does not happen again. In my opinion, it is always better just to have a good, low price, rather than to have different prices for different clients. It causes confusion and is not very fair. I will try my best so that this does not happen again.

    And Carlos, do not hesitate to contact me again if you have any other issues. I know a lot of people in Havana and I can take care of any problem you might encounter. Also, for the booking of the house, feel free to send me a text, or to contact my assistant Claudia, who is always in Havana and works as a travel agent, at her cell phone number 535 389 5036.

    Have a wonderful time in Havana and thanks again for enjoying my guidebook.

    Mario Rizzi.

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