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    Hello everybody! I’m looking to plan a trip in Havana… Does anyone have any suggestions for a good hotel? Which are the best beaches? Thank you…

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    Are you sure you want to stay in a hotel, or would you rather prefer a casa particular?


    Hotels are good if you simply want a place to stay in Havana that is with other travelers. The environment in a hotel is like one you would find in any hotel, anywhere in the world. You are with other foreigners. The hotel has a lobby, bar, restaurant. Your room will have 1 or 2 beds, a bathroom and maybe a balcony. Hotels are good. But they can also be a bit expensive in some cases. In Old Havana a hotel will likely be about 100$ per night on the lowest side. Luxury places can cost double that, easily.


    In Vedado there are some cheaper hotels ( 40$ per night range), but any large hotels like the Capri, Hotel Nacional or Habana Libre will cost at least 100$ per night, and up. Probably close to 200$ per night.

    Also, in hotels, you cannot bring any guests to your room. Maybe you are not planning to bring guests anyway, but you should know that you can’t.


    In a casa particular, you get basically the same amenities as in a hotel, but often your room will be larger and your casa will have a few more things. Sometimes you can get a casa with a kitchen or with a living room in addition to the bedroom. Most importantly, if you want to interact with locals, then a casa is the best options. Rather than being surrounded by foreigners, in a casa, you are surrounded by local Cubans. In some casas, you rent an independent apartment, but still, you will likely be in a building with other locals. It’s a different atmosphere. Prices range form 25$ to 45$ per night for good places.


    If you want a casa, just look in the casas section of the website. There are lots available.


    If you want a hotel, I can suggest to you a few, but I would have to know more about what you are searching for. Do you want luxury? Do you want something cheap? In which neighborhood?

    In Vedado, a good little hotel which is cheap is called the Habana Paseo Hotel. You can usually get a good room for about 40$ per night. It’s a good overall place and an excellent value. In high season, prices increase a lot… and there is limited availability in Havana these days because of the influx of tourism


    As for the best beaches…. near Havana you have the Eastern beaches in Plays del Este (Guanabo). I have some videos of the beaches here..




    Also there is a beach west of Havana, you can see here..


    Further from Havana there is Varadero. That is a nice beach, but it is 2 hours away….


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    Hello! I agree that Vedado is the best place to stay in some cheap hotel in Havana. Personally I would advise the Habana Paseo Hotel because it has a good value for money. Walking distance to a lot of places and lots of great little restaurant. I stayed there for 2 nights before going to stay at a casa particular as already suggested here from best cuba guide. Overall it is a really great place to visit…

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    Thank you very much for the suggestions. I’ll definitely look into it!

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