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    While in Cuba, I would like to buy some handmade goods.  Can you recommend some places to go?  I would be interested in leather goods and artwork and clothing.  Nothing expensive, but some small mementos from my trip there.  You mention some places in your guide, but do you have a favorite?

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    The outdoor fair on 23rd street, near the corner of M street is good for finding local crafts.But since it is in a touristy area, the prices will be high. 


    I would have to recommend that you search for local crafts in the area around the Capitolio building. Near the corner of Simon Bolivar (Reina) and Paseo de Marti you will see lots of indoor markets and vendors. They mostly sell the same things. Negotiate the prices and be warned that if you really look like a tourist, they will charge you higher prices. Drive a hard bargain…

    Also, another great flea market is at the corner of Neptuno and Italia street. There are many vendors selling leather crafts, belts and sandals. You can find some low cost items. And, it’s a nice place just to walk around and see locals in action.


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