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Project Description

A Whole, Private Casa Particular Apartment – Very Affordable

This is fundamentally a private casa particular apartment with an independent bedroom. The front living room is for the exclusive use of the guests and connects to a large private bedroom. There is also a private terrace located at the front of the apartment and a gated yard area. Myrna is a glamorous, middle aged woman who receives her guests in a modernly decorated setting. She lives in a completely separate part of the house located at the rear of the building.

Due to the layout of the unit, the guests share a common front door with the landlord. For all practical purposes, this unit is completely independent and guests are provide the keys so that they can enter and exit at will.

This apartment is new on the rental market and offers a degree of elegance and charm which is rare in Havana. The location is central while still being very private and quiet.

Located near 27 and A, Vedado, Havana

Price: 30 CUC per night

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      Cate March 5, 2021 at 3:58 pm - Reply

      We stayed here a number 4 , just before Obama went to Cuba and it was hard to find a hotel. Somehow we located Casa Myrna and booked for 3 nights. That was a great decision , we went on a tour of Havana and on our return at the end of the first day Myrna had found us accommodation in Trinidad, Cienfeugo, Varadero and Vinales. We followed the itinerary she had written on a piece of paper (we were free to cancel or change anything and nothing was paid in advance) almost exactly and had the most rewarding 3 weeks in Cuba only staying with residents. I don’t know how much things have changed but I would have to recommend Myrna.

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