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This mini-guide includes dozens of interesting facts, tips and tricks to help you understand Cuban culture and daily life. The information presented in this guide was taken from the book Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like A Local And Save Money. This book is available at most online book retailers. It offers a complete description of all the information presented below. 

In this free Havana guide you will learn about: 

● Dozens of facts and tips on Cuban Culture and daily life. 
● Money saving tips on Cuban cuisine and dining. 
● Common restaurant scams in Havana. 
● Facts about buying alcohol, cigars and shopping in general. 
● Important tips on using taxis, public transportation and rental cars. 
● Info on biking in Havana 
● Booking a cheap apartment in Havana (casa particular

Top Ten Cuba Tip List!

As a bonus, this mini-guide also includes the Top Ten Cuba Tip List! It’s packed with the most important information that any traveler must know about Cuba and Havana, in order to maximize their fun, save money and avoid any hassles. 

The Real Havana guide has all that information and much more. It has been described by industry professionals as being the #1 travel guide for information about Cuban culture. That’s why it is a bestseller and has been a trusted resource to over 200 000 travelers since 2010. 

Download the FREE Havana guide NOW.  PDF or EPUB


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