Bringing Used Clothing and Household Goods To Cuba

Bringing Used Clothing and Household Goods To Cuba In a world filled with abundance, the power of giving knows no bounds. One way to make a meaningful impact is by donating used clothing and household goods to those in need. In this spirit of generosity, many individuals are exploring the opportunity to bring these [...]

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Havana Tornado Photos and Videos

Tornado Hits Havana On January 27, 2019, a massive tornado touched down in the eastern part of the city of Havana. The tornado caused widespread damage to property and state media confirms that at least 3 people are dead, and hundreds injured. The Cuban government has mobilized the military to clean up the debris [...]

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The Most Popular Cuban Towns and Cities for Tourists

The following is a brief summary of some of the most popular towns and cities in Cuba for Tourists. Recommended For New Cuba Tourists Havana - It's the tourist capital. Filled with Cubans, it is also the economic center of Cuba. Cubans from across the country dream of coming to Havana to make money. [...]

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Vedado vs Old Havana, Cuba – What’s the Difference?

I am often asked "What's the difference between Vedado and Old Havana?" Well, both are neighborhoods in Havana, Cuba, and both places are completely different.  As far as action and nightlife, Vedado is absolutely the center. It has the most nightclubs, most rental casas, best public transit options, and for Cubans wanting to enjoy [...]

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How Has Cuba Changed in the Last Year?

Comparing Cuba 2016 to Cuba 2017 Things in Cuba change rapidly. Modernization and a budding capitalist spirit are ushering in a new era for Cuba. Many great things are happening on this island, but there are also some growing pains and shortcomings caused by the new changes. My good friend Graham Wiffen [...]

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First Time in Cuba – Having Fun, Exploring Havana Like A Local

Should Cuba be on Your Travel List? I often receive emails from nervous tourists asking about safety in Cuba. Many foreigners have some terrible impressions of Havana. I always tell them to relax. I explain that Cuba is a really safe, and popular destination. There is always something interesting and exciting to do in Havana. Regardless [...]

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How to Deal With Scams in Cuba?…. One day at a Time.

It's not all Beaches and Rum In Cuba, you will see and meet all kinds. You will find interesting, happy things that will make you wish you had visited this country sooner. And then you will find some odd and depressing things, which will make you question why anybody even comes to this place. My [...]

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Single Women Traveling through Havana and Cuba

Tips for Traveling Through Cuba and Havana as a Single Women I always get lots of questions from single women who are planning a trip to Havana and Cuba. Their main concerns are safety and the nightlife scene. I recently had the opportunity to chat with a woman on Reddit who is planning a trip [...]

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What is the Best Cuba Guidebook for Exploring All of Cuba?

I Want To Explore All of Cuba - What's the Best Cuba Guidebook For Me? I see this question asked all the time on message boards, forums and even directly to me. It usually comes from people who are anxious to explore, but don't know where to start. Maybe they have traveled around their own country and [...]

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Facts and Observations on Cuba / USA relations

McDonald's Coming To Havana? Recently, the relationship between Cuba and the United States seems to be thawing. America's President Obama signaled that he wanted to see the end of the embargo against Cuba and hoped to open Cuba up to America products and culture as a way of reforming the government. With this news, many [...]

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