The Best Beaches In Cuba!

Playa Sirena is located in Cuba, on the Cayo Largo del Sur island. Cayo Largo is located in the ocean off the southern side of the island, just east of Isla de la Juventud. You can see a photo here. Playa Sirena is a possibly the most beautiful beach in Cuba. The sand is flawless. Perfect white powder, accumulated over thousands of years.

The whole Cayo Largo area is very isolated and deserted from most tourists. Unlike some resort towns, like Varadero or Guardalavaca, there are only a few resorts in the Cayo Largo area. For now, in my opinion, it has the best beach in Cuba. But that might soon change.

The Cuban government has plans to increase tourism to the Cayo Largo area. The resorts on the island are being expanded to accommodate more tourists. Given that the Cayo Largo area is located on a pretty remote island, the area will still remain one of the most deserted and beautiful in Cuba, but more tourists means slightly less privacy.

Best Deserted Beach in Cuba

If you are planning to go to Cuba and have a desire to visit a deserted, tropical beach, with perfect, white powder sand, and to swim in crystal clear, blue water, then Playa Sirena, on the Cayo Largo island is definitely the place to be. And take some photos please. Send them to use at the Best Cuba Guide. This beach is so deserted that is is difficult to get many good quality photos. If your photo is really good, I might even include it in the next edition of the Best Cuban Travel Guide:  Real Havana!

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