Havana Tornado Photos and Videos

Tornado Hits Havana On January 27, 2019, a massive tornado touched down in the eastern part of the city of Havana. The tornado caused widespread damage to property and state media confirms that at least 3 people are dead, and hundreds injured. The Cuban government has mobilized the military to clean up the debris [...]

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How Has Cuba Changed in the Last Year?

Comparing Cuba 2016 to Cuba 2017 Things in Cuba change rapidly. Modernization and a budding capitalist spirit are ushering in a new era for Cuba. Many great things are happening on this island, but there are also some growing pains and shortcomings caused by the new changes. My good friend Graham Wiffen [...]

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Cuban Money Tips and Budgeting Your Havana Trip

Cuban Money Tips Cash is used in 99% of commerce in Cuba. There are a few ATM machines in Havana (for tourist use) but they are unreliable and you sometimes have to wait in line to show identification before using the machines. If your credit cards are at a US based bank, then they will [...]

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Facts and Observations on Cuba / USA relations

McDonald's Coming To Havana? Recently, the relationship between Cuba and the United States seems to be thawing. America's President Obama signaled that he wanted to see the end of the embargo against Cuba and hoped to open Cuba up to America products and culture as a way of reforming the government. With this news, many [...]

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Why Vedado is the Best Neighborhood to Rent a Casa Particular

The Best Casas Particulares are in Vedado, Havana If you are planning to rent a casa particular in Havana, then I 100% recommend that you stay in Vedado versus Old Havana. It’s not even a question, in my mind. If you want a large, well maintained casa and a quiet sleep at night, then a [...]

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Is Cuba A Poor Country? What is the Average Salary?

How Poor is Cuba? The image above was being tossed around the internet a few days ago. It basically states that the average wage in Cuba works out to about 5 cents per hour. I have received a few emails from readers asking me if Cuba is really this poor? If the average citizen really makes [...]

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Bringing a Bike to Cuba and Havana

Everything You Need to Know About Biking in Havana, Cuba Havana is a city made for biking! In the older parts of the city, especially in Old Havana and Central Havana, the roads are tight, and often packed with people walking around and going about their daily chores. While some tourists prefer to walk through [...]

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Havana Casas Particulares: Reviews and Photos of The Best Apartment Rentals in Vedado, Cuba

Download the best, FREE Cuba and Havana casa particular review guide Reviews, photos and information on dozens of cheap rental apartments in Havana and Vedado The following FREE mini-guide is a list of some of the best and cheapest casas particulares in Havana. These are independent, privately owned apartments and rooms which can be rented throughout Cuba. [...]

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Take A Bici Taxi to Explore Cuba – A Fantastic Way to See Everyday Life

(Above Photo by Charles & Mary Love) Guide on How to Take a Bici Taxi How Much does a Bici Taxi Cost in Havana? One of the best and cheapest forms of transportation in Cuba is the Bici-Taxi. They 3 wheeled pedal powered taxis, which can hold 2 passengers and a driver. If you have never used [...]

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What Happens to Cuban Exiles Who Fail In Their Attempt to Leave the Island?

What Happens to Cubans Who Fail In Their Attempt to Leave the Island? Question: Recently, a read asked me, "What would happen to a Cuban who tried to leave Cuba, on an illegal boat, and was unsuccessful? Would they face jail time, fines or any type of persecutions? And here is my answer: It's difficult [...]

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