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Guarapo Frio Stands in Havana, Cuba

Have you heard about Guarapo Frio? It’s a delicious, smooth, cold, refreshing sugar cane juice drink that will make you fall in love with natural Cuban juice drinks. Cuba is known for it’s fresh fruit, and you can get natural juices on almost every corner of any major city, including Havana, but sugar cane juice is probably the best juice available, and certainly the cheapest. It only costs 1 peso (moneda nacional) (Like 4 cents USD) and the locals line up for it. You have to try it the next time you are in Havana. In this video I talk about how great the juice is and you can click on the following link if you want to get more information on certain locations in Havana and Vedado where you can taste guarapo frio for yourself.


The Best Locations To Get Guarapo Frio in Havana

1) Simon Bolivar, right beside the Capitolio (23.132634, -82.359583). Good place. Often closed on Mondays. Beware, they are located in front of the busiest bus stop in the city, so they charge 2 pesos per cup instead of the usual 1 peso (Moneda Nacional)

2) Arsenal Street, in front of the train station (23.129344, -82.357086). Probably the best Guarapo place in Havana. Always icy cold. Usually there is a good lineup because of the people waiting for trains/ buses.

3) Neptuno Street. (23.137729, -82.365243). There are actually a couple of places to get Guarapo on Neptuno. These places are all good.

4) Intersection of Carlos Tercero and Infanta (23.130519, -82.376855). This is one of the most popular places in Central Havana. Usually closed on Monday. When cane supplies are low, these places shut down unexpectedly.

There are a ton of places in the suburbs too. In La Lisa, I know this little place that sells a guarapo that will knock you on your back. And if you are even in the town of Regla, just go down the main street and you will see a great place. Regla is just on the other side of the Bay of Havana. Take the ferry there for 1 peso (MN).


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