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The Havana Malecon at Night Looks Like a Fun Disco!

This is the place to be for cheap, fun in Havana on a weekend night. Even on Thursday and Friday nights, the area near the corner of 23 (La Rampa) and the Malecon is usually packed with Havana locals, drinking, dancing, talking, playing music and having tons of fun. The area is located right at the northern tip of the Vedado neighborhood and near the boarder of Central Havana. It’s easy to get to by walking, taxi or bus from any place in the city of Havana. So, next time you are looking to have some fun in the city and want to hang out at a cool, fun, Havana nighttime hot spot, look no further. Just get on down to the Malecon, sit on the sea wall and enjoy the atmosphere.

Learn More About The Havana Malecon

Want to see more pics of the Havana Malecon? Just browse through the photos section of this website. I have tons of pictures of the Malecon during the day and the surrounding area  at night. And you can click on this link tolearn a bit more more about the history of this famous sea wall.

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