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Guide on How to Take a Bici Taxi

How Much does a Bici Taxi Cost in Havana?

One of the best and cheapest forms of transportation in Cuba is the Bici-Taxi. They 3 wheeled pedal powered taxis, which can hold 2 passengers and a driver. If you have never used a bici taxi, I really recommend that you take one next time you have the chance. It’s not a touristy thing to do at all… In the past, bici taxis were reserved for locals, and even now, it’s mostly locals who use them. So, hop on and tell the driver where you want to go. It’s a safe, cheap mode of transportation.

Prices vary by time and city, but usualy a short trip (10 to 15 minutes) only costs about 10 to 20 pesos (Moneda Nacional). Longer trips cost fractionally more. Also note that bici taxis are not used in all parts of every city in Cuba. Mostly they are used in the downtown cores where car traffic is difficult or limited. In Havana they are mostly reserved for use in Central Havana and Old Havana. In the suburbs they are popular as well.

How to take a Bici Taxi in Cuba

The drivers are usually relaxed and willing to show you around. I still remember the first time I visited Holquin. It’s a beautiful city btw. I got there past midnight on a Friday. The city wasn’t super active, but there were people out. I just did not want to waste a night sleeping. I stopped a bici taxi guy and offered him 5 cuc (120 MN)  just to bike me around for an hour. It was a fantastic experience. It was even better because it was at night. I got to see so much of the city. I even stopped for a few minutes at interesting places. In the end, I took the driver out for some drinks. It was a calm night, but it felt awesome. I was younger then, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

So, take a bici taxi, and see the authentic Cuba, cheaply.


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