Do you know the history of the “Casa de la Amistad” in Havana?

It was a love story between a Spanish landowner named Juan Pedro Baró, and a Cuban beauty called Catalina Lasa.

Catalina was heralded as being the most beautiful woman in all of Cuba, and she was in a loveless marriage to a rich aristocrat named Pedro Estevez Abreu. There were no divorce laws in Cuba so she had no option but to remain in the marriage.

But Catalina was desperately in love with another man, named Juan Pedro Baró. Eventually the two of them fled to France, where they were married. Catalina returned to Cuba after the country adopted divorce laws, and she was the first person to benefit.

To show his great love for his new wife, Juan built her a fantastic mansion, using only the most luxurious materials he could find and painted it all in pink, Catalina’s favorite color.

But with so much love and so much happiness, and after so much suffering to have their relationship legitimized as a marriage, Catalina soon became ill and died

Juan refused to continue living in the house without her and returned to Europe, a shattered man.

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