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On my last trip to Cuba I took hundreds of photos and videos of Havana and Cuba. I condensed them all down into about 35 brand new videos and have posted them all on YouTube. If you are looking for some interesting commentary on Cuban life, great tips and tricks for living in Havana and some  wonderful, authentically Cuban places to explore on your next Cuban adventure, then you should absolutely check out those videos. I will be posting some of them on this blog with my added comments. Feel free to talk about them in the comments section or in the forum.

I love making these kind of videos because they really let me express myself and demonstrate my excitement for this country. I can honestly say that I am obsessed with Cuba and Havana. For me, it’s not just a vacation spot or an interesting place to visit; it’s my second home. I hope that you enjoy these Havana and Cuba videos as much as I enjoyed making them.


Here is the playlist for all my Havana and Cuba Videos!


Havana and Cuba videos AND PICTURES TOO!

Also note that I have many more Havana and Cuba videos in the videos section of this website. And if you need photos, just check out the Havana photos page, or visit my flicker page, where you will find hundreds of new pics of great places to explore in Havana.


Here are some photos from my Flickr stream! Check them all out by clicking here!


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