List of CADECA Locations in Havana and Cuba

What is a CADECA Foreign Exchange Office? In Cuba, foreign money can be exchanged at any bank or at specialized, state owned foreign exchange offices called CADECAs. These CADECA exchange offices can convert foreign currency into Cuban currency. As mentioned, there are 2 official types of Cuban currency and you should familiarize yourself with these [...]

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Traveler Stories – A First Time Experience in Cuba

Traveler Stories - A First Time Experience in CubaAt Best Cuba Guide we help hundreds of travelers explore Cuba each month. For many of these explorers, it is their first time in Cuba. Many have hesitations and lots of questions. We walk them through the process, step by step and by the time they have [...]

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Finding The Best Restaurants in Old Havana

There are thousands of great restaurants in Havana. Despite what some guidebooks might say, the average quality of food in Havana, especially the authentic Cuban cuisine, is high. The core Cuban meals consist of rice, beans, chicken and pork. Despite the simple ingredients, these meals are usually flavorful and filling. Limited Supply Chain The [...]

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Baracoa, Cuba – Story of Authentic Travel

In this post I will write a bit about one of my adventures roaming Cuba and meeting locals and about why I enjoy Cuba and about how it has changed my views of the world.   Backpacking Through Baracoa, Cuba - Authentic Exploration Baracoa, Cuba. It's on the eastern tip of the island. It is [...]

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The Top 10 Best Tips for Visiting Cuba and Havana

 Tips For Visiting Cuba and Havana   Video blogger Jon Barr has just released a new video of the top 10 best tips for visiting Havana and Cuba. The tips will be very helpful for anybody considering visiting Cuba and will be very useful when organizing your trip to Havana. Jon Barr is a world [...]

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Tips for Exploring Havana and Trinidad, Cuba like a local

The Best Authentic Cuban Experience My good friend Jon Barr decided to spend the holidays in Cuba. He loved Havana and even took a trip to Trinidad. He has some great videos up on YouTube. He used the Real Havana guidebook and really got an authentic Cuban experience. Check out his videos!   How To [...]

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Top Things to Do in Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Old Havana vs Vedado? I get asked this question all the time. It seems like every foreigner who is taking a trip to Havana is torn between spending time in Vedado or Old Havana. When most tourists think of Havana, they have the image of Old Havana in their head. They imagine tight, cobblestone streets. Open [...]