Best of Havana: 23 Street (La Rampa) and G – The Center of Vedado2014-05-31T18:10:14+00:00

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The corner of 23 Street (La Rampa) and G Street (Ave de los Presidentes) is the center of the Vedado neighborhood in Vedado, and perhaps the most interesting intersection in all of Havana. Anytime, day or night, there are people walking around this area. There is a large, open air bar which is buzzing late into the night. Lots of university students and workers are always lined up along Ave de los Presidentes, as it is a very important traffic hub.

If you’re in Havana, visit the Vedado neighborhood and come to this intersection. Maybe you can even relax and have a beer at the open air bar. It’s an honest, authentic part of the Havana experience and you are sure to love it

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