The Best Authentic Cuban Experience

My good friend Jon Barr decided to spend the holidays in Cuba. He loved Havana and even took a trip to Trinidad. He has some great videos up on YouTube. He used the Real Havana guidebook and really got an authentic Cuban experience. Check out his videos!


How To Take Communal Taxis (Colectivos) in Cuba

Jon took taxis to get around Havana. One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I take a colectivo taxi, like a local, in Havana?” Well, Jon used some of the info in the Real Havana guidebook and with a bit of practice he was hailing taxis and moving around Havana with ease. And the taxi rides are very cheap too, costing only 20 pesos Moneda Nacional (less than $1 USD for a taxi ride across the city).

Watch Jon hail a taxi and explore Vedado and Havana in this great video below!



Tips on Exploring Trinidad and Taking a Horseback tour

Jon also took an amazing trip to the small Cuban town of Trinidad, located about 4 hours east of Havana. He took a horseback ride tour of the mountains surrounding the city and got to explore some beautiful lagoons and swim areas.



A Day In The Life, Trinidad, Cuba

Jon lived with locals. Ate like a local. Slept like a local. Explored the country of Cuba like a local. The good, the bad, the normal, the amazing. Jon got to experience it all. And he really enjoyed it. Check out the natural beauty of a regular Cuban day, below.



The Best Beach in Cuba!

Jon even had a chance to go to the beach. Exploring the areas near Trinidad, Jon found a fabulous, calm, quiet beach. He declared it “The most beautiful beach in Cuba!”



Explore the Authentic Cuba like a Local, just like Jon

Cuba is changing. The time to visit is now! Book your trip and buy the Real Havana guidebook to learn how to explore Cuba like a local, just like Jon Barr.



Want to learn about Havana and how to explore Cuba like a local?

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  1. Kenneth Smith May 5, 2017 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    great informational videos – i have travel a lot and Jon some really interesting things that are particular to Cuba

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