I recently got back from a long trip to Havana in which I had a great opportunity to explore the city and take some great videos of interesting places. Over the next few weeks I will be posting all my new videos of the city, showing you some great, off the tourist path locations to check out. I cover hundreds of other, authentically Cuban places in my Real Havana guide, so if you are planning a trip to Cuba and enjoy authentic travel experiences, be sure to check it out.


Cheap Food Near the University of Havana and the Main Havana Medical Centers



This is a quick video covering the great, cheap food locations near the Havana medical center, in Vedado, Cuba. This area, especially along 29th street, between F and D is packed with great restaurants and fast food locations. It’s right across the street from a major medical and cancer treatment center and just a few blocks away from the University of Havana.


The beauty about this area is that it is remarkably hidden away. If you are simply walking along 23rd street (La Rampa) you will never even think to walk up F street or expect to find anything interesting there. This is the kind of area that only locals would know to explore. As a foreigner, you can go to this area of the city, eat some delicious food, priced very cheaply, and be completely immersed in the local culture.


The sate run cafeteria that you see in the back of me offers some of the lowest priced food in the city. You can get sandwiches for under 5 pesos, drinks at 1 peso each, and even full meals, packaged in small cardboard boxes, for about 25 pesos. In addition, the cafeteria has a good selection of cheap alcohols, ranging from beers to rums. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, the cafeteria sells cakes and pastries too. Given the close location to the major Havana hospitals, these are always popular items, as people buy them for gifts for sick family members.


If you have a chance to visit Havana, definitely check this area out, especially when you are hungry and eager to experience a good Cuban meal. 

And, if you want to find about about other great Havana locations to explore, just check out the Real Havana guide at http://www.BestCubaGuide.com. You can even download a free Havana tips and tricks travel guide.

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