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Party Night in Havana – G Street at the Corner of La Rampa! 

It’s a weekend night in Havana, and what better place to be than chilling with some friends, a few cheap bottles of alcohol and some music, on G Street, near the corner of La Rampa. Even if you are a foreigner, come to this area with an open mind, a relaxed attitude and maybe bring along a couple of beers just for good measure, and you will easily make some great friends. The people are friendly, the music is vibrant, the weather is warm and the location is inviting. Have fun. Dance, drink, sing and relax. The crowd is mostly made up of college age students how are looking to meet new people and have a cool time, late into the night.

The Best Places for Nighttime Action in Havana, Cuba

Even if you’ve never been to Havana, you’ve probably heard stories about how Cubans love to party and have a great time. In many respects, Havana is one of the top party destinations in the world. But since the average Cuban local only earns about $30 per month, budgeting is of major importance when planning a night out. Rather than going to a fancy bar, disco or nightclub, Cubans have perfected the art of casual, free hangouts.


At night the streets come alive with beautiful, scantily clad people looking to have a great time without spending money on club entrance fees or expensive drinks. Friends buy cheap bottle of rum, meet up in a breezy, outside location, play some music and dance the night away. It’s a carefree and entertaining way to spend a night.


Click here to get a list of the top 3 free, nightlife hot-spots in Havana. Next time you’re in the city, skip the club scene and hang out with the locals. You’ll be sure to have a great time and make some friends too.

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