Exploring Havana in an Old Cuban Taxi Car

I recently got back from a long trip to Havana in which I had a great opportunity to explore the city and take some great videos of interesting places. Over the next few weeks I will be posting all my new videos of the city, showing you some great, off the tourist path locations to [...]

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Cheap Vacation in Cuba For Under $30 Per Day

Tips For Saving Money in Cuba and Making A Budget As many of you have heard, Cuba is one of the top cheap vacation destinations in the world. This is especially the case if you book an all inclusive vacation from a discount online travel agency in Canada. On off peak times of the year (November to [...]

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How To Take The Electric Hershey Train In Havana Cuba

Riding The Hershey Train in Havana Cuba Cuba used to have one of the most well developed railway networks in Latin America. By most accounts, the system is currently dilapidated, due to old infrastructure and decades of neglect. Many of the trains still run, but delays and breakdowns are frequent. As a mode of transportation, [...]

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The Top 5 Discos and Bars in Havana, Cuba

The Top 5 Discos and Bars in Havana, Cuba   Havana is a city packed with action and overflowing with attractive, young people, eager to dance and have fun. Of all the major cities in the caribbean, I would easily consider it to have the best nightlife scene. There are literally hundreds of hot discos [...]

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The Best Cuban Beers! What the tourists drink, and what the locals prefer!

What is The Best Cuban Beer? The drinking scene in Cuba is awash in rum and beer. The drinks are all cheap, especially when compared to western prices. Maybe you've heard stories about how much Cubans love to drink and party? Well, the stories are right. Despite the low average income in Cuba, locals can [...]

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The Best Family Friendly Resort in Cuba

The Best Resort in Cuba For A Family Vacation Most people who go to Cuba will be staying at all inclusive resorts. Although I am usually a backpack traveler, I have also stayed a great many resorts in Cuba and I have always enjoyed myself. Independent backpack traveling is clearly different from an all inclusive [...]

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Bringing a Bike to Cuba and Havana

Everything You Need to Know About Biking in Havana, Cuba Havana is a city made for biking! In the older parts of the city, especially in Old Havana and Central Havana, the roads are tight, and often packed with people walking around and going about their daily chores. While some tourists prefer to walk through [...]

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What Would A Trip To Cuba Be Like Without Cheap Beer?

Beer Shortage in Cuba Is Causing Unrest With Locals I just got back from a long trip to Cuba and I wanted to make a quick report on the beer shortage on the island. It was really difficult to find beer in Havana at most retail stores. All the little state shops were out and [...]

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Cuban Car Sales Come in Embarrassingly low.

Cuba sold only 50 cars in the last 6 months! Since the Cuban government introduced some measures of "deregulation" in the vehicle market, there were only 50 cars and 4 motorcycles sold. That number is embarrassingly low and shows that there is still a massive amount of work that must be done if the market-opening measures are [...]

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